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CHOOCH is a program that will automatically determine values of the anomalous scattering factors, f' and f'', directly from experimentally measured X-ray fluorescence data. It outputs the f' and f'' spectrum and the appropriate X-ray wavelengths to be used for MAD or SAD experiments.
The current version 5.0.6 contains the following features.
  1. Written in C using a minimal set of support libraries
  2. Command line driven with all options controlled by switches
  3. Optional PGPLOT visual output (PGPLOT not required for compilation/installation)
  4. Publication quality PS and PNG output generated on request
  5. Data fitting and feature extraction based on known/measured beamline energy resolution
  6. Available with the latest CCP4 distribution



Chooch is currently distributed with the CCP4 Suite version 6.0 or later (download CCP4 Suite).
These pages will be updated soon to include direct download of Chooch plus its Python bindings that have been developed by colleagues at the ESRF. More to come.....